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Hello there!

It seems you have stumbled upon my easy little challenge! I suppose you're wondering what it is, hmmm?

Well, I'm glad you asked!

I would like you to create a cover for my up-and-coming World here on theO!

This World shall be a role-play. It shall be named "ÞrØj∑cT::--::cØv∑r". It is about a group of people who have been taken into an institution that the government has set up to experiment. These people are generally orphans or homeless. They were given extra strands of DNA, and have become super-human. Upset at their less-than-human treatment, the experiments, named 'Projects', have now escaped into the town, which is now in lock-down. What I want you to draw is a banner of 700X400 pixels (widthXheight). It could have anything in it: just the name of the role-play, a few people around it, anything you want!

Of course, there are rules, though.

1::--:: Please, please, please follow the rules of theO. This means anything above PG-13 will be disqualified, reported and never looked at by me again.

2::--:: Yaoi and yuri are allowed, but no more than a hug, please.

3::--:: Colour will get extra points, but is not nessacery. But if you win, I will colour your art if it's a sketch/lineart, just for a warning.

4::--:: By entering this contest, you are letting me use this piece of art for anything related to this role-play. But, rest assured, I WILL credit EVERY TIME I USE YOUR ART, okaies? ^^

5::--:: HAVE FUN! ^^


1::--:: One coloured fanart of your choice, a guaranteed spot in the role-play if you wish to join and your art used as the front banner.

2::--:: One lineart of your choice and a guaranteed spot in the role-play if you wish to join.

3::--:: One sketch fanart of your choice and a guaranteed spot in the role-play if you wish to join.

Everyone else::--:: ME SUBBING TO YOU IF I HAVEN'T ALREADY! And a guaranteed spot in the role-play if you wish to join.

(To all those who commented, I merely had some things to do before I edited it to be more detailed. Sorry about that)

((P.S. The Projects look perfectly human. No physical mutations have occured, although some now have enhanced strength, speed, etc. But they look like normal humans.))

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