AlexaClyne Draw my Quincy~

Hiya~! It's Mi-chan, & I hereby commence my 2nd challenge in celebration of my promotion to Senior Otaku: Draw my Quincy~!!

Basically, you'll just draw Ishida Uryu! Hehe~ Yeah, I'm so... so-so. :P But some people suggested I am to make this contest so why not? THE WORLD NEEDS MORE QUINCY LOVE! xD

There are rules of course:

• You can only draw Ishida-kun. ONLY him. So no pairing or group art, etc. ^u^
• It's up to you how to draw him. He can be wearing a frilly dress! 8D (but I suggest you don't do that or Ishida-kun will scold meh~ ;P)
• Site Rules apply: so no nudity/must be R-13! No matter how much I want it... xD
• IT'S AN UNLIMITED SUBMISSION! :D I whant maaaaany, many Uryu drawings!
• Can be of any medium.
• You're more likely to win if your entry is colored, but B&W & line arts are allowed. :D
• You can do chibis~ I love chibis.

"To those who I invited, you don't have to enter if ya don't want to. :P"


• 1st place: A traditionally colored drawing, TWO Paper Children, a line art & 2 wallpapers.
• 2nd place: A traditionally colored chibi, ONE Paper Child, 2 chibi line arts & 1 wallpaper
• 3rd place: A Paper Child line art, A wallpaper & a chibi line art
• Gifts for everyone!

Arigatou Gozaimasu minna-sama! I'm happy that there were good entries! HOW COULD YOU GIVE ME A HARD TIME!?!?!? D: xD

Anyway, I have chosen the winners, YIPEEH!!! Congratulations on winning!! Feel free to PM me for the prizes!!! ;)

But WAIT, there's MORE! *shot* I decided to make a special mention on 2 drawings that I do love along with the winners~: Uryu Ishida by saphira339 & Ishida Uryuu by Momo Hinamori 5. I'm giving you two chibi line arts as consolation prizes. :) AND a special prize for Hana Ishida for sending the most entries! xD ;)

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