Voices in My Head

Hello every one! Welcome to my very first challenge, “Voices in My Head.”

I have been told by many people, that the characters I draw look out of their minds. It has become sort of a specialty of mine now, to draw mental people! It gave me this idea, for a challenge.
Now its your turn! For this challenge I want you to draw someone who is completely psychotic. They can be doing whatever you want, like waving their arms around, laughing uncontrollably, killing something, staring at a wall, you name it! Just make them crazy.

- It can be an original character, or someone crazy from an anime.
- It can be color or black and white.
- Digital or traditional
- Gore is allowed, but keep it within theO’s standards K?
- ASOLUTLY NO yaoi, yuri, hentai, or moderately sexual content! I will disqualify you.
- Please no lined notebook paper, unless that’s all you have
- Up to two entries
- no stealing or heavily referenced, give credit where its due.
- Have fun! You have two months.


Here is one of my crazy works.

Here’s another!

(Psst! Hey! If you need help making them look crazier, have their eyes looking up in the corner. I’m not kidding it works, even the pros use the trick. If you don’t believe me take a look at Szayel Aporro Grantz, and Grell Sutcliff. See? It works!)


First place: Inked fan art request, gift and medal

Second place: Two wallpaper requests and medal

Third: Two e-card requests and medal

Have fun you guys!

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