Mistress Amoranta Your OC with my OC

So, I want you to draw my OC
You have to add your OC with the picture, cuz thats one of the major parts of the challenge. If you don't have an OC, then just draw a random character
Please, make it any kind of thing you want. Chibi, Anime, Real life, anything.
I want some creativity, you guys. So, you can add your own touches.

1: you can sumbit as many as you want, theres no limit
2: Please, atleast keep the hat and the skirt if your going to change anything
3: Be creative
4: Do not put ANY yuri or yoai in this picture please,
5: Do NOT make her nekkid >.<
6: and, have fun!

Heres the info on my OC (and be warned, I'm not too good with descriptions) :
Name of OC: Amara
Personailty: Shes a sleepy and lazy girl. She has quite the temper and will fight with anybody, no matter who it is. She's haughty.
Hair: She has short silky black hair.
Eyes: She has deep green eyes
Height: 5'9
Weight: 170 (Skinny, slim
Outfits:A black shirt with ribs on it, with a white and black plaid skirt. She has a hat that is tight at the bottom where it's kept on, and then it poofs out up at the top, and has a bill. She has a black and white scarf tied around her neck in a big bow.Her boots are tight to the legs and have heels, and end at the knees. Her fingernails are painted black.

1st place: 2 hard wallpapers, a gift, and a card
2nd place: 1 hard wallpaper, a gift
3rd place: 1 simple wallpaper, and a gift

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