Natsu nii On ThE cLoCk SpEeD ChAlLeNgE! XD

challenge compleated! there were so many great peices it was hard to choose.
i wish everyone could have been a winner! i was surprised i got so many entries in! thankyou all for your participation and for taking me on this small adventure. :)

OKay! so here goes! (please excuse my future spelling errors..-3-)
even though i've been a member of the otaku for over a year, i've never bothered to make a challenge.. O_O; i wanted to make something i've haven't realy seen as a challenge before so this is what i came up with:

it's a speed challenge i tested it out first and it's not too hard at all.

Goal: draw up whatever you want within an hour. (you'll be surprised just how far you can get in an hour!)

rules: keep it clean, PG13 and under, no yaoi, yuri, ect.. in short just follow the typical O rules. :3
-Backgrounds are not required, but they'll get you more points.
the second your time's up drop whatever you're holding. I don't care if it's finished.
unfinished work will be noticed more-it proves you didn't BS the time limit. you may finish your peice after the challenge is over... and i apriciate honesty. :( i will be looking into your prior art work if i have any reason to believe you cheated, you will not win.

Traditional media: set up all of your art things get a timer and Go!

Digital media: when you do a sketch to color, subtract the time it take to sketch from your hour. Then when your all ready to go in you program start the clock again. :3

-make sure nothing's going it intrupt you or distract you, do whatever it takes for you to keep your focus!
-pace yourself, it doesn't have to be perfect, but looking at the clock too often will waste time
-think of what you want to do before you start! (thumb sketches before the actual will not count against you! ^_^)
-make sure to have fun!

best of luck! you have one month!

here's what i could find for some examples -simply amazing!

and heres the one I did:

good luck guys!

1st: one colored pic of your chioce (chose medium out of marker, watercolors or colored pencils.(can mix mediums))
2nd: same but i chose the medium
3rd: one pencilwork of your choice

can't wait to see what you all come up with!

oh! you can enter up to two entries! (a couple people have asked about that.. <:3 sorry...)

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I did this in sixty minutes! Cool. ~cookiebunbun
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