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Hi All,

Alright I admit, I am going through a Merman phase right now and all I think about is them. But recently I had this dream about a merman and I really loved how he looked, so here is my little challenge, I will tell you what he looks like and you make your own style of him. He is a mixture of different anime guys into one. So that is why I am making this a challenge and hope people try it.

Oddly enough his name was Link YES like the freaking hot elf! XD and he has blonde hair. His hair was long but it was like Trunks from DBZ in super saiyen form so it pointed up. He had three green dots under his left eye. His tail was white too, like Dewgong's tail *sweat drop* Anything else is up to you like a necklace, eye colors, background, etc. I also should mention he was a prince as well. Oh and he has a sea turtle as a friend too, but be creative you wish to include that! :)

Its relatively a simple challenge but I curious to see how people do at this. Medals will be rewarded and the winner for 1st place will receive a fanart request. :D

Please enter I want to see how well people do with this. Entries are unlimited, color/no color is fine, digital/traditional is all welcome, and please have fun!

Sexy is always a plus in my book...just saying <,<....have fun!!!


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"Merman" Entry ~twiliwolf
Merman ~Ryo or Demon
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