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I'm sure there's at least a few people who have heard of Deltora Quest, right?


The Shadow Lord, an evil sorcerer and The Lord of Shadows which comes from The Shadowlands, has taken over Deltora by destroying a magical object known as The Belt of Deltora, which is Deltora's only protection against him. Throughout the course of the story, Lief, Barda and Jasmine travel around the land of Deltora to return the seven gems (the Diamond, the Emerald, the Lapis Lazuli, the Topaz, the Opal, the Ruby and the Amethyst, which also stands for Deltora hence the name Deltora Quest) to the belt and save the land.

Got it? Ok. What I want you to do is draw one of the characters the way you'd think they'd look (that means no peeking at the anime version)

Here's the main characters:

At the start of the series, Lief is the son of a blacksmith who lives in the run down city of Del. He is (as Barda describes him) "A young hot-head" and spends his time roaming the streets and both tempting and dodging trouble. On his 16th birthday he leaves Del on his father's quest to find the magical gems missing from the belt of Deltora and the heir destined to wear it. Lief is tempted in many ways and by the end of the first series he has grown not only in bravery and strength, but also in wisdom and patience. Lief is very courageous and extremely trustworthy. A few times he considers giving up the quest, but the thought of his friends or allies suffering always helps him to continue. He is 16 years old, has Blonde hair, and blue eyes.

At the start of the series Jasmine is a wild orphan girl who lives a solitary life in the dangerous Forests of Silence. She has messy coal black hair which frames her elfin like face and emerald green eyes. She is often described as impatient and lonely but with a good heart. Her only friends in the Forests are the raven named Kree and a small furry animal called Filli. Jasmine understands the language of trees and many other animals. She is independent, like Lief, though she displays far less tact. She is also unafraid of standing up for what she believes in, if she feels something is injust or incorrect she explains her view without any fear of repremadation. She believes in equal rights and fairness, her only problem is that she cannot understand people who will not fight for themselves. Growing up all alone, Jasmine knows how to fend for herself. She usually gets her own way. Jasmine is unable to comprehend how easily many people can be tricked by fancy words and promises. She is 16 years old, has green/black hair, and green eyes.

At the start of the series Barda appears to be a poor beggar living on the streets of Del. He is revealed to be an ex-palace guard who assumes the role of protector to Lief, much to both his and Lief's dismay. He is a skilled swordsman and frequently makes jokes about being stuck with two young hot-heads- Lief and Jasmine. He is about the same age as Lief's parents (in his late 40's). During the series, Barda competes in a contest in which he describes his special skill as strength. He helps Lief and Jasmine along the quest and is always strong-hearted, never gives up hope and is rather a gentle giant. He has black hair, and black(?) eyes.

Jarred starts out as a friend of Endon. Endon's evil chief advisor, Prandine, accuses Jarred of treason and Jarred runs for his life. Jarred starts a new life at the forage in Del. He marries Anna and he eventually returns to Endon, only to find the gems of the belt of Deltora stolen. Jarred and Endon witness Sharn, Endon's wife, killing Prandine because Prandine is a servant of the evil Shadow Lord. Jarred runs away from Del and assumes the name Doom. He becomes leader of the resistance against the Shadow Lord. Doom also has a child with Anna called Jasmine. He's in his late 40's, had green/black hair, and dark green/black eyes.

King Endon
Endon starts his life as a friend of Jarred. Endon's father dies from a terrible fever. A day later his father's and his chief advisior, Prandine, tells him that his friend Jarred is trying to kill him and Endon believes him. For the next couple of years Endon lives peacefully in the palace until Min tells him that enemies lie within the palace itself. Endon doesn't believe it and sends Min back to her work. In the next hour Endon finds Min dead. Endon neeeds the help of Jarred and gets Jarred to come to him via a secret passage. Endon finds Jarred and they go to the top tower with Sharn, Endon's wife, and find the gems of the belt gone. Then they find Prandine and Prandine addmits that Jarred did nothing wrong, that he killed Endon dad, and also that he is a servant of the Shadow Lord. Prandine tries to kills them but Sharn throws Prandine of the palace tower. With Prandine dead Endon runs away under the identity of Jarred and has a son called Lief. King Endon is killed by a grade 3 Ol called Fallow in Deltora Quest: Return to Del. He is on his late 40's, has blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Dain was originally a nervous servant to Doom and a member of the Resistance. He was cultured, polite, respectful, and often afraid, yet noble in battle and showing evidence of a great spirit. He saved Lief, Barda, and Jasmine from the Ols, before they knew what an Ol was, and helped them escape from Doom, when Doom held them prisoner for his own reasons. However, Dain was kidnapped by pirates. When the trio later encountered the same pirates, Dain had just freed himself with the help of a polypan, and he came with them to Tora, the magical city. Dain had hoped to meet his parents in Tora, but the city was deserted. He seemed to be all but destroyed by the news, but once they left the city he seemed to feel more hopeful. Dain is later found out to be a grade 3 Ol. Dain's betrayal is one of the larger shocks in the tale, despite the previous depiction of Grade 3 Ols. In his human form, he looks about 16, with dark purple hair and purple eyes.

(For people that have read the books) If you have another favourite character, feel free to draw them instead.

The rules are:
1.If you draw Lief, please try drawing him with the belt of Deltora
2.If you draw Jasmine, she'll always have a little mousy/ fuzzy thing called Fili with her, and a raven called Kree
3.Doom/ Jarred had a scar on his left cheek
4.Have fun!

1st place: 1 fanart + 1 Card or wallpaper + gift
2nd place: 1 card + wallpaper + gift
3rd place: wallpaper + Gift

You've got 3 months, so have fun!

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