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It's me again!

This is my SECOND-EVER challenge! Whooot! ^^

Anyway, insane randomness aside, onto what this challenge is about!

For this challenge/contest/random-thing, I want YOU (OMG yeah you) to draw a cross-over picture of any anime/manga/vocaloid-type-thing/video game you want! But wait, there's more! (What am I, a TV salesman? Oops, salesWOman?)

This cross-over art must be a)of you two (or more) favourite characters of the series
b)a complete sketchdump of random characters from the series! ^^

Hows about THAT for a twist, eh? (Not so good, but whatever. I just spent 4 hours cleaning my room, I'm half-asleep, okay?)

Now for everyone's favourite part: RULES! (Lol, really, no it's not everyone's favourite)

*MUST be cross-over art (it IS a cross-over challenge, right? ^^ )
*Keep it PG-13. I mean, DUH
*Keep it within theO's guidelines of submittication (or whatever you want to call it)
*Colouring is not nessacery, but I do likey~! ^^
*You can submit however many peices you want, but only ONE may win or place in any of the three spots
*BG's are not expected, but feel free to do one if you want!
*I would prefer it if you dedicated it to me, to keep it easier to keep track of all of the entries, but not nessacery. If you choose not to dedicate it to me, please message me when you submit it, so I can see it quicker

Now for everyone's REAL favourite part: MORE RULES! JOKING! It's the prizes~! ^^

#1st Prize: A coloured art of your request OR the combination of an e-card and a wallie
#2nd Prize: A lineart of your request OR two e-cards
#3rd Prize: A sketch of your request OR a wallie

All prizes are to be done by me~! ^^


Q. How many different animes/mangas/video games/etc. may I use in one peice?
A. However many you want! Go nuts! But there has to be at least two, so it will actually be a cross-over picture~! ^^

Q. Will I be less likly to win if I don't colour?
A. Of course not! It all depends on the art itself!

Q. Will I be less likly to win if I use traditional media/digital media?
A. Nope! As I said, it depends on the art itself, so media choice makes no difference!

Q. How many characters from each anime/manga/video game/etc. may I use?
A. Also, however many you want! It doesn't matter, as long as there's at least one from each of the animes/mangas/video games/etc. you chose, to make sense~! ^^

Q. Can we have the characters cosplaying as each other/a group from one anime cosplaying as a group from another anime?
A. Sure you can! ^^

Good luck, and happy drawing~! ^^

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