Yu-Gi-Oh! Pairings~

Hey there~ Luka here with another challenge^^ This one's more simpleXD

Draw me a Yu-Gi-Oh! Picture, BUT you have to draw at least one set of pairings.

EX: Yuugi x Atemu

You can draw them doing whatever you like, just keep it appropriate for theO.

With that you can draw shonen ai, shojo ai, or a straight pairing, but please keep it so that if your mom saw it she wouldn't get madXP.

Note, you can draw whatever pairing you like, you could even draw one that doesn't make any sense (crack pairing). And you can draw characters from different shows

Ex: Juudai (Jaden) x Yuusei or Juudai x Manjoume Jun (Chazz)

You'd make me extra happy if it was a Jaden x Yuusei pic~*thinks pervy thoughts*XDD

Okay now rules:

You can submit as many as you like, but only one could win (duh)

Keep it appropriate

It must contain at least one pairing

It doesn't have to be colored, but it's prefered and you have a better chance to win, also if it's lineart please make it clean (NO UNCLEAN SKETCHES)

BG not needed if you don't want

You don't have to dedicate it to me, but it would help me keep track of who's entering^^

Now for rewards:

1st place: A colored chibi(s) + gift

2nd place: A colored chibi + gift

3rd place: Lineart chibi + gift

Sorry, i'm lazing out on prizes but I'm gonna be in school by the time this ends and I probably won't have much time to drawTTωTT

You have two months!

If you have any questions just ask me^^

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