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Your goal for this contest is to illustrate your favorite song. Listen to the beat and tone not so much taking the lyrics word for word but of course there is a catch. The song cannot come from america. It has to be from Asia regardless of what country.

You may include a drawing of the singer if you would like, that is perfectly fine but you do not have to have people in your drawing. I love seeing both color and line art so if you have a particular style just drawing line art that is not going to hurt your chances of winning. All Mediums are accepted. Digital, traditional, paint sculpture, graphite, ink, charcoal, etc. I am not afraid to disqualify entries and i can tell when someone has submitted something irrelevant to this contest. Also please write which song you have illustrated and who is it by in your description so I can listen to it too ^_^

If you are not very familiar with music from asia here is a list of groups and youtubes below but it is not required you pick someone off this list. It's only here to help :)
Utada Hikaru: Passion, Keep Tryin'
Big Bang: *Tell Me Goodbye, Lollipop
GDragon: A Boy, *She's Gone, *Butterfly
Taeyang: *Wedding Dress
BoA: Energetic, Possibility
Boom Boom Satellites: Drain
DBSK: Break out, Purple Line
f(x): Chu♡, NU ABO
Gazette: Before I Decay, Guren
Girls Generation: Run Devil Run, Genie
Hyori Lee: *Swing,
Shinee: Replay
2NE1: Try To Copy Me,
4Minute: HUH

J-Music Theo Blog:

[If you're looking for a particular genre such as rock since I haven't listed a lot of that send me a Pm and I will give you more artists. Starred songs could be easier to illustrate]

I do not really have any examples. All I could find were drawings of the actual singer and that's not what i am really looking for. Remember to illustrate the song not the artist.
If this were a fanart it would be the best example I could show you..
This was a photoshop project of mine for a class illustrating the song not the artist but since it is rapping about themselves I incorporated them into it. The song is The Leaders by Gdragon if anyone is wondering.
deviantART Example illustrating butterfly by Gdragon: My Butterfly By OtakBolong

-Using a song from an anime: I'm perfectly fine with that but you HAVE to make sure the song is from japan.. The boondocks theme song is not from japan xD If you choose to use a theme song, DO NOT draw the anime. Draw the feeling you get from the song.

-Prizes: Prizes will very. I do not want to promise an artwork for the winner mainly because I go to school full time year round and work. If I have exams the week this contest is over I will not be able to draw something. I will come up with something though.

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Candy Line ~Natsu nii
Drawing to Random Music ~IyamiNaHamusutaa
Falling Apart ~
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