reirei18 Game Illust.. *win premium*

pick a game and draw 2 or more characters from that game..


* entries must contain at least 2 characters drawn waist up or full body..
* characters can be human or animal or whatever creature from any pc game or console game of your choice..
* entries can be colored or black and white..
* in your description pls write a super short review about the game you illustrated.. i'd love to check that game.. *^^*


1 lucky winner will receive these prizes:

* 1 month premium account..
* 1 colored sketch commission..
* 1 premium gift item..
* 1 gold medal..

other participants will receive a silver medal and a bandage..


so.. how to win:

* must follow the rules stated above and theOtaku rules..
* check the quality of your entries.. finish and polish your entries.. do your best..
* original composition -- traced/copied/heavily referenced/stolen will not be tolerated..
* creativity is a major plus..
* if in any case you want to collab with others, you can but only the participant who submitted the entry will receive the prize.. no split ends.. use pantene shampoo and conditioner.. lol..

participants may submit as many entries as they want.. you have 2 months for this challenge.. the winner will be announced on August 7, 2010..

comments/concerns/etc..? comment..

good luck and happy drawing..~~ *hugs*

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