nosheep13 OC Drawing Contest!!

Okay, so here's the deal. I have this friend at school and we were talking about her role play character and she said she wanted more pictures for it but believes she can't draw Though I think otherwise
And I volunteered too make a challenge for her~
The very detailed description she gave is here:
Myth is an insane jester, she's usually happy (and I mean really, REALLY happy) and never takes anything seriously... but... if you get on her nerves, she'll be the complete opposite- her grin stay, but look exceptionally creepy, and.. well- she usually goes on killing sprees, either killing her victims, or turning them insane... all the while laughing...
As for powers, she's an illusionist, but she also uses poisoned daggers, and enjoys conjuring up illusions to make her point (when she isn't insane, that is...)

Okay then- for the picture, I'm giving total free reign- she can have whatever hair/eyes/height, whatever you want- the only thing I'm firm is that she's a jester, and thus has to have a jester hat- okay~? Do whatever you want with the picture- but, I'd really prefer it if you either did her evil side, or divided her in half- one side good, and one side bad- but hey! whatever works for you~
No nudity
You can submit as much as you want
No changing the personality or anything
It can be black & white or coloured, I don't mind
Traditional or digital
2 months to finish~

1st place: A picture from me and a card
2nd place: 3 cards
3rd place: A medal

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Myth ~Demiyah
Myth: The Insane Jester ~Wakusei Aoshi
Jester Myth ~TamaDoodles24
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