I,myself Guns. Salt. Monsters. Two Hot Brothers.

Eric Kripke's SUPERNATURAL. All that and more.
In respect of episode 100 and in mourning/celebration(both for me) of the official announcement of Season 6.

Simple. Draw anything and everything Supernatural related. From in-show to behind-the-scenes to actor to main character to minor character to monster to angel..... anything. I'll even allow fan characters as long as a canon character is in the picture as well. Heck, you can even draw yourself with a canon. Really, this is just an excuse to get more Supernatural on this site, because I know this crowd would love it.
If you don't know Supernatural, I dare you to give it a try. You've got three months, so start at the beginning and see what you think of it. (Just don't start at new episodes because it's pretty literally the end of the series. It's worth it from the very beginning.)

-No yaoi/yuri/sex scenes/etc.... normal stuff, keep it pg 13.
-No stealing, blah blah blah...
-Any medium, any level. If you look at my art, you'll know I got no bias. XP
-Otaku rules

Three months so if you're busy with school, there's plenty of time after the semester ends. Also, if you don't watch but want to give it a try, plenty of time for that too.

I'll work on prizes. Or perhaps I will discuss prizes with the winners after the challenge ends. That way you're all competing for a secret, but custom prize. Oooohhhhhhh. Or something.
Honestly, I doubt anyone will enter, but I got nothing to lose from tryin'. XD

Any questions, just ask.

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