Wakusei Aoshi -Character Designing-

Before you think it, let me tell you! This is not a challenge where I'm asking you to draw MY character, instead, I'm asking you to draw YOUR characters.

I want you guys to create an interesting and original character by creating a character sheet. A character sheet has the full body picture of the character with whatever they wear, and then maybe close ups of different things, and it just plain tells you about the character.

Examples of character designs:


Main Point

What I want you to do is create an original character a make their character sheet. They can be ones that you've already created, they can be OCs that you created from an original anime/manga like Naruto (your Naruto OC, is what I'm getting at) or you could draw a completely new character.

For original characters, make something weird that nobody else would think of. Like a guitar playing, insane, monk (Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland), or a double-crossing riddle freak (Cheshire Cat from Are you Alice?), or a milk addicted guy with an eye patch who keeps falling asleep (Kagenui Kurokichi from Shirokuro Kitan). Something random but interesting like that. Heck, you could make a geek who likes to pretend he's a pimp, or a homeless millionaire, something contradicting like that (do not steal, those are my characters).


1. You can post more than once
2. No stealing other characters (actual characters or somebody else's characters)
3. Must have more than just a full body picture
4. Must have information about the character
5. Must have a description of personalities or emotions (not that most character sheets have them, it's just more interesting that way and it's good practice)

What'll get you points?

You'll get more points if you color it (unless the character is a black and white character) or shade it. You'll get more points the more information there is about the character. And you get tons more points if you have a very original character. How you'll be placed, the one who earns the most points gets first, and the one I like the most will get second. Now, if the one that gets the most points is my favorite, well, then of course it'll be the runner up.


1st Place Prize- A colored picture of your character either CG or traditional (chibi or normal)
2nd Place Prize- Line art of your character
3rd Place Prize- Small sketch of your character (In other words, if it's CG it won't be very clean, or if it's traditional it'll be with a pencil)

I hope you'll have fun with this challenge and maybe it'll help you with further character designing, or even a story of yours! ^ ^

(You'll have 3 months, hopefully that's long enough for you to create a character sheet or come up with a character. I'm bad with deadlines, so I made it as long as I could for those of you like me)

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