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WINNERS: I'll get to you all about prizes. sometime within a week from today (today is the 9th)

Many challenges are not challenging.

This may be challenging.

Draw somebody "sailing" in a coffin using a scythe as an oar. That's all. I don't care if it's more than one person. I don't care what setting it's in (graveyard, ocean, living room) and I don't care what kind of coffin as long as a dead body can be buried in it. The scythe may be substituted for some some other dead related thing that can conceivably propel a boat forward in water.

You will be judged on:
execution---> how well can you pull it off?
composition---> does it look like you had a plan when you placed objects?
perspective---> does it pop-off the page? extra points for 2-point perspective.

Hand-drawn. I find that perspective is significantly easier on a computer.
Any non-digital medium. Paint, graphite, watercolors, scratch-board, charcoal, whatev. hell, if you did a graffiti piece on some wall, that's cool too.

Prizes: 1st a medal and an acrylic-wash drawing (or graphite or watercolor pencil or color-pencil if you so choose). 2nd a medal and a fully-shaded graphite drawing (or watercolor pencil). 3rd a medal and a regular pencil drawing (plus gift).
EDIT: 2nd and 3rd prizes will only be available if enough people enter.

you have three months, so no major rush. Any questions?

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