myanimeworld149 ghosts can love too! <3

-the rules:

this contest is all about how ghosts can love too. you can pic a living person and a ghost, two ghosts, or maybe a group of living and ghosts as friends. you can make the picture romantic, funny, or tragic. as long as it portrays love.


no nudity, please keep under pg-13 that means no major gore either. you can make fanart! please note me first so i will know. NO CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST! we all know he's the friendly ghost and he loves everyone.

-rules for yaoi/yuri:

i do not prefer it, but, since i will not be biased it is allowed as long as it is not a hard core make-out between two of the same gender. i will accept pics of hugs and hand holding.

first place: one super awesome full color and full background picture! (i have limitations to what i will draw and i will let you know if your cross those lines when you win and claim prize)

second place: a wonderful lineart black and white picture with sketched background

third place: a pretty pencil sketch :)

PAC MAN STYLED GHOSTS OR BEDSHEET OVER THE HEAD STYLED GHOSTS ARE CUTE BUT AN OVERUSED THING! they will not give you brownie points. though it looks like people like it, i will still base the judging with non-biased opinions. i just hope the ones who read this will be more creative and think of something better the pacman or bedsheets. the ones who entered them now are fine, i will still judge them and they will not be disqualified. i'm just a bit annoyed with all the pacman -_-

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Forget me Not ~
Soundless slumber ~XxAznSkillZXx
I miss you... ~Herala12
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