stararnold Design A Star Trek Ship/Station/Shuttle

After hearing about the ship/race customization concept used in the new online RPG "Star Trek Online", I decided to host a "Star Trek" fan-made ship/shuttle/station design challenge. Before taking part in this challenge, first read all the rules listed below:

  • You are to design your own "Star Trek" starship, space station, or shuttlecraft
  • If you choose to do a starship, it can follow a new design variation of a model that exists in the official "Star Trek" continuity (ex: your fan-created ship can follow a new design variation of the Galaxy-Class starship model, of which U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is a unit), that's if you want. Remember not to copy exact "Star Trek" designs.
  • Your piece can either be a 2D drawing (paper or computer), a 3D computer image, or a painting. Remember that should you choose to do a 2D drawing on paper, make sure to make the outlines very sharp (you can try use a pen for such a task).
  • Make sure that in the caption for your work, indicate your fan creation's faction. Factions in "Star Trek" include United Federation of Planets (or simply UFP.), Terran Empire, Klingon, Gorn, Romulan/Reman, Cardassian, Suliban, Dominion, Hirogen, Orion, Species 8472, Borg, Kazon, Xindi, Bajoran, Ferengi Alliance, Tholian, etc.
  • Here's something to note about ship naming in this challenge: If you choose to do a UFP ship, start its name with the "U.S.S." prefix (if a ship in Starfleet service) of "S.S." prefix (if a civilain ship). If you're doing a Klingon ship, start its name with a "IKS" prefix. If you're doing a Terran Empire ship, start its name with the "I.S.S." prefix.
  • If you choose to do a shuttlecraft belonging to UFP, name it, indicate its model name in the work's caption, and show the name of the starship or space station the shuttle itself is assigned to on the shuttle's exterior (whether its a ship fan-creation of yours or a ship from the official "Star Trek" continuity).
  • Keep your work in color.
  • Remember not to plagiarize other people's work!
  • Have fun with your work!

To prepare for this challenge, you may want to visit Neutral Zone Star Ship Database, The Starship Schematic Database's Star Trek Area, and Ex Astris Scientia's Starship Database to look for inspiration.

Judging will be based on color quaility, outlining, and creativity. I look forward to seeing all your creations! Feel free to drop off any questions or comments about the challenge in the comment box.

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