cutepresea In celebration of Tethe'alla

This year on March 25, after waiting for a little over two years after the end of the Sylvarant Episode, the first volume of Tales of Symphonia THE ANIMATION Tethe'alla Episode will be released in Japan! So in celebration of that finally happening, I'm creating this challenge.

The challenge itself is quite simple, in fact I don't even expect you to know anything about the game/manga/OVA. I just want you to create a fanart of any character from Tales of Symphonia. That's it. Here's a list of the playable characters for help in starting:

Lloyd Irving
Colette Brunel
Genis Sage
Raine Sage
Kratos Aurion
Sheena Fujibayashi
Zelos Wilder
Presea Combatir
Regal Bryant

If you have another character in mind, but need a reference, ask me in the comments. I'll gladly give one if I have it. If you want to see anything about the OVA, I have a few trailers and the OP.
Opening Animation
Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3

As for a list of rules, here ya go.

  • Draw any character within the Tales of Symphonia canon. That means any of the main characters, summons, NPCs, villains, whoever.
  • Do NOT submit any characters from the Wii spin-off "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World." This is a Tales of Symphonia only challenge, meaning only characters that existed within the original Gamecube/PlayStation 2 game.
  • And while we're at it, no characters from other Tales games.
  • This also means no OCs. Sorry guys.
  • Any medium is fine. I don't care if it's traditional, digital, or what.
  • Make sure the picture is within the rules of the site and that it's your own work.
  • EDIT: Since people asked, yes you're allowed to do characters that were mentioned ingame but not shown (examples being Anna, Sieg, Kloitz, etc.).

I think that may cover it. Now onto prizes.
1st Place: A picture of any ToS character of your choice by me, (colored in either colored pencils or in GIMP, your choice), a gift, and a shiny gold medal in your portfolio.
2nd Place: A picture of any ToS character of your choice (colored in GIMP), a gift, and a shiny gold medal in your portfolio.
3rd Place: A picture of any ToS character of your choice (drawn in pen/pencil only), a gift, and a shiny gold medal in your portfolio.

That's right, all three of you are getting pictures. It may take a while for me to get around to doing them, but it'll be on the top of my priority list once the challenge has ended. The rest of you get a shiny silver medal for participating, of course.
You guys have TWO MONTHS to get this finished. Yep, I timed this challenge to end around the time it gets released. So, that should cover just about everything.

Happy Challenging!

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Colette ~micahu
Kratos and Yuan ~Ryo or Demon
Kvar ~I,myself
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