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Oh, how I love drama! And you should too! (Isn't there enough of it in most anime anyways?)
Your job is to create a scene where the main theme is some sort of drama. I only need you to draw the climax of your dramatic scenerio. If you want to explain what happened before or after the climax, you can do that in the description.
Some examples:
A girl, while listening in on a conversation in the locker room, found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her!
A boy sees a child about to be hit by an oncoming car and jumps out into the road to save them!
A guy confessed his love to a girl!
XDD I realize that some of these scenarios are gonna be a bit cheesy, but that's kinda the point! Also, the point is to use your own characters to portray a dramatic event, but if you wanna use a scene from an anime/manga or whatever it is, it has to be your own depiction of it.
Like, if you wanted to make this scene different, meaning they actually meant to kiss instead of it being an accident. (Read like four pages so you understand what's happening) I know most of you fans would like to change this somehow!
1st place: A one page colored comic. The plot will be of the winner's choosing.
2nd place: A colored drawing of the winner's choosing.
3rd place: An ecard of the winner's choosing.
Dang, I'm really generous with these prizes... XD
The submission limit will be two entries. Have fun!

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