Raining Moogles! Yay!!!

2nd challenge! Hurray! Well, anyway, I've been moogle crazy lately! But everyone has to love those little puff balls who always seem to hate to have their pom pom touched on their heads! Moogle seem to be in most final fantasy games or movies in the series! Some are just dolls little kids carry around. Anyway, the point of the challenge is to draw pictures of moogles! It can be a funny pic with final fantasy or Kingdom hearts characters in it! The moogles can look simple, fluffy, or even cute! You can draw them in any way you want! But it must look like a moogle! Some moogles like in crystal chronicles don't have small arms. So just make it look like a moogle!

-the pics have to have a moogle or moogles in the image.
-themes can be KH or Final Fantasy related, I will not accept anything that isn't.
-can be colored or black and white.
-can be simple if you want! Remember, this challenge is dedicated to the moogles!
-Your moogles can be dolls if you want. In some final fantasy series such as ff7: Advent Children, some girls often carry around moogle dolls. So you can draw a character from final fantasy or a random girl holding a moogle doll if you want!
-No stealing! Themes and such must be your own!
-any style


1st place~ 1 moogle drawing, a card, 1 gift
2nd place~ a card and gift
3rd place~ a gift

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Sora and Moogles ~Haxelo
Cloud[LovesMoogles] ~CanniAnniRoxas
Moogle Samurai ~bonitachika792
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