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Ok, so I don't really know how to do this XD this is only my second fanart challenge, so yeah.... Ok this will be easy enough all I want you to do is draw my OC Masakazu, he's the one with a pink top on and fish necklace. You can draw him anystyele, chibi, anime, realistic, however you feel like ^^ There's only one thing thats a must for his outfit is he HAS to have his necklace. And for anything else, clothes needs to be colored mostly black and pink. And you can draw him in what ever, skirts, dresses, ect. He wears lots of layers too. I have more images of him up if you need to see more. So if you have any quistions feel free to ask. I don't know if i'm messing any details or not O.o!! i'm no good at this have fun! I won't be only judging on how well the drawing is, but how much it looks like him, and how well I like the picture as well. And backgrounds and coloring makes them better, but it isn't a must. If you don't wanna do either you don't have to ^^

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Masakazu ~Ryo or Demon
Masakazu ~Kyubi Elric
Masakazu in child version. ~
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