xlolfishx Yu-Gi-Oh abridged time!

We all have our favourite moments from YGOTAS, and they've changed our lives. Whether you end all sentances with in America, or go to the lengths of marrying the ocean, we all do something to spread the awsomeness (or should I say super special awesomensess) of YGOTAS. What I want you to do (yes YOU!) is to draw a quote from the series.

What's that? Not all of you otakuites know what YGOTAS is? Well, YGOTAS or
Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series is a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh which is made by a guy who is known as LittleKuriboh. So, I inist that you watch it right now. Here is a link to his youtube page which has every episode, aswell as other random videos he makes. Believe me, watch one episode and you'll be hooked.


What you can do is draw a scene from YGOTAS, or a quote with a scene from a different anime, or your OCs acting out a scene, or whatever, aslong as you have a quote in.

Other rules (the ones I forgot):
You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once.
It doesn't HAVE to be from the main series, you can do something from the spin offs as well. It can be done with any medium.

A new rule: You must put which episode/video it is from in the description. This does not apply to people who have already entered.


First: A coloured picture and a gift.
Second: A coloured picture.
Third: A line art.
Other places: An imaginary hug.

Also, to all you NTAS fans out there, don't you dare get angry at me. I don't care if you think that NTAS is better, because I don't. You see, it's all a matter of opinion, and this is not the place for argument. So, please, would you kindly get off my lawn.

If you're confused to why there are only two winners, I'll try and clear that up. Cinnamon Sparrow entered a picture after this contest had closed but before I could choose any winners, SO! The results go like this!

1st: Die Milkshake by mahsuri
2nd: Freaky Fish Guy by Cinnamon Sparrow
3rd: Broklyn Rage! by Kuribohluver

Thanks for entering everyone~!

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die milkshake ~mahsuri
Broklyn Rage! ~kuribohluver
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