VenusGuyTrap Pokemon!

***This contest has ended. The results can be viewed here***

Here are the rules:

Original 150.
No 'OC', but tweaking is ok.

Art does not need to be colored.
Picture that best suits the Pokemon featured will win.

**More detailed rules or Questions you may have**

Mew is not in the first 150, Mew is actually 151, but Mewtwo is 150.

Showcase the Pokemon's personality or depict it in its preferred habitat. For example, if you think Electabuzzes are bullies then submit a pic where you can tell that the Electabuzz is mean. Or draw an Electabuzz in a powerplant.

Can I enter your contest?
Yes! Please enter the contest. It is open to all ages and skill levels. Even if your picture is not the most well drawn, you could still earn a prize by meeting the rules very well.

Oh no! Someone else entered the Pokemon I wanted to draw.
That's okay, you can draw the same type of Pokemon. Everyone's drawings are going up against everyone else's. This means if you and someone else enter a Voltorb, one may win and not the other, both may win, or neither may win. the Pokemon chosen is not a big factor in whether or not you win, it is more important that you draw the Pokemon well and/or meet the parameters well.

I hope this answers any question you may have. If not, feel free to comment with your questions.

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vulpix in my closet ~ched
parasect and the evil mushroom ~xlolfishx
Haunter ~NinjaGirlSango
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