HelloKatty Girls of Brave Vesperia!!!

um ok this is my first challenge so be nice ok!! um for my first challenge i'm going to make this very simple and its going to be about my fav video game Tales of Vesperia!! oh and first off if u have never heard of the game don't even try to enter you will be wasteing ur time!! >D but if u have played the game and heard of it go ahead and enter the more the merrier!! XD alright now for the challenge!! i want u guys to draw ur fav female character!!! simple right!

ok well i'm gonna go ahead and list the female charas in case you guys forget!!

here they are

*Estellise Sidos Heurassein(a.k.a Etselle)

*Rita Mordio


*Patty Fleur







those are the female characters!!
um ok now for the rules!! i don't care what u use to draw them,u can use pen pencil,and even ur computer!! also u can do black and white,but i like color so u will have a better chance at winning if u color and i don't mind what u use to color too!! now for the biggest rule of all it has to be in your style!! so don't even try to make it the same style its already in!! it has to be your style!! here is an example!!My Rita Pic
see how i put it in my style!! i sketched it but i put it in my style so it looks far from the original!! thats what i want to see from u guys!!
oh and u can also draw ur chara as a chibi,neko,or even a bunny person, anything u want!!XD and if u have a female OC feel free to enter her in this challenge!! all i want u guys to do is be creative!! so be creative u guys!!

that about sums it up!! if u have any questions just ask me!!

oh i almost forgot to list the awards for the 1st,2nd,and 3rd place winners!! silly me!! OwO
ok here are the prizes!!
oh and btw i'm a lazy drawer so be patient you'll get ur awards eventually!!

1st place-a pic of ur fav female chara in my style,A card(let me know what type of card u want)a gift,and a pretty medal on ur profile!!

2nd place-a pic of ur fav female chara in my style,a card(let me know what type of card u want),and a pretty medal on ur profile!!

3rd place-a card(let me know what type of card u want),a gift,and a pretty medal on ur profile!!

oh and the challenge will be open for two months!! plenty of time to draw ur fav female chara!! remember two months!!


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Rita Mordio ~
Gauche and Droite X3 ~vdr-07
Estelle. ~sunrisecaster
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