AngelBest Dream The Fall of the Otaku

Lately I been having so much fun in the Otaku with my great friends and I started to realize the few things I know about them .I wanted to make a contest that includes a lot of fun .The more I thought about it the more interesting the idea became. Yesterday things got weird and that's when I got bitten .I started to have the feeling to bite things myself. And so I started biting people (some of you have already been bitten ). But it was not a feeling ,it was a disease. The 9 people I bit will become zombies .

Disease characteristics:
Nice Speed (more than a human)
Climb walls
Dislike light
Sharp fangs
Low self control
Pale skin

So my dearest zombies Val(Vdr-07) ,Caro(Krokun), Cassandra(cassandra5322), Rachel(RSRKingdomStars),Mystery Girl (Yours Truly) ,Brianna(KungPowChicken), Dragon Gril( ,Sayu(aragorn1014), Eva(KitsyLove).I had the feeling I would know you all better from now. And if you want to know someone else you just have to bite them .

Caro: Sorry Caro , High School will have to wait (bites)

Dragon Girl: I’m sure you will notice the contest (bites)

Mystery Girl: I heard you like mew mews, can’t give you the claws but I bet you will like the fangs (bites)

Cassandra: No Naruto this time ,Ukamaki Naruto is not here, just you (bites)

Val : Angel Mordió ... And Rita tambien (bites)

Rachel: Cute things have big teeth and a long smile (bites)

Sayu: A long comment always ends with a big hug , but this time I added something extra (bites).

Brianna: Instead of worrying about someone stealing your art ,you should worry about long fangs (bites)

Kitsy : There is no other place better to get a bite than this (bites)

How to bite:
Well it’s actually not hard to bite , but the fun part is that you will draw the scene . The character on the challenge will be yourself of course and you have to talk a bit of the things you still like being a zombie. Once you draw the scene biting someone that person becomes a zombie .And you can bite anyone you want and as many times as you want. Remeberber,you can only bite if you were bitten by (those 9 names)or someone that got bitten by those and bitten you. Soldiers , police and civilians are also on the menu so bon appétit.

How to enter if you were not bitten:
You can also enter the contest, but you will be a civilian, police ,or soldier. You have to draw yourself ,running and surviving the ruins of what we used to call home and civilization.You be a human until someone bites you.

Challenge criteria:
What I will look in this challenge as you saw before ,is to get to know you better. The creativity is a very important fact at this challenge, I’m very interesting in:


The way you stalk your pray and how you land the bite.
The scenario need a touch of emotions like fear , unease , despair.
Your personal details as how you dress ,what you use.
Setting the trap in the right place for the attack.
Be close and personal bwahahaha.
Use the background as your advantage.


The feelings you have at that moment captured in the picture.
The place you picked to hide and fortify .
Most important, the weapon of choice.
A plan in the caption .
Use the background as your advantage.
You can have a pet (real animals please) .

No violence please ,this is more like a vampire bite actually.
No skeletons, this is actually a disease that regenerates your skin.
If you want to use red arterial element with some limits please.
Use dark tones, vamp-zombies don’t like light.
Have all the fun you can.

Need some examples:

The fact that you enter means I will also make a picture biting you or how you survive against the zombies (You will get something :3).So I bet that would be really fun. Hope all 9 zombies and my other friends (some are busy, not drawing or not commenting much)enter. I hope zero guardian and moonlit dream also enter even thou they have many projects and artworks on progress .Yeah I didn’t forgot about no one ,it really means a lot to me (puppy eyes).

1st - I can do a 3-D model of a background or a picture of whatever you want.
2nd – A picture just name the character.
3rd – A line art :3 .


1.- If my dog bit me it counts?
No sorry ,just those 9 names can bite.But if one of those names bites someone that person can bite also.

2.- Can I bite as many times as I can ?
Yes you can :3.

3.-Is it allowed to just do a line-art?
It is but you have to shade it.

4.- If I am a soldier,can I draw more pictures?
Yes you can ,draw until you are tired or get bitten.

5.- Is there a way to defend if I'm a soldier?
Humm hope you know how to pray.

6.- Can I bite more than a person in 1 entry?
Nope sorry just 1 bite per entry.

Zombies die at winter and so in 1 month the challenge ends.
Have the best of the fun!!!!!!!

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