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alright, i've decided that it's time to flesh out the main (my orignial) charaters from my story capricious idiosyncrasy (ci for short, since that's a mouthful), and since i've got no skills with drawing whatsoever, i'd like to see what you come up with.

all i'm gonna ask is that you read the story (what's done thus far, anyway) before entering. i'll warn you right now that it's a fanfiction, so if you aren't into that/don't like panic at the disco/whatever, don't bother. i don't need haters. :3
but if you're into it/don't care then by all means have at it.
here's the liiink:
right here.

the rules
here's what i'm after, essentially.
you can enter one of two ways

    [->]one, you can draw the whole band (delilah, alex, bennie,and james) together


    [->]two, you can draw the characters individually, but if you do this, i'm going to ask that you still do all four.

and as far as disqualification guidelines go,
i will ignore and disqualify your submission if you do anything obscene/generally unpleasant/against theO's rules. since those are
pretty vague, i'll warn you if your submission could be dq'd and give
you a chance to re-enter.

ah, what else...?
you can only enter once,
your submission must be your own,
and, ha, uh, have fun?

the prize
the winner (if anyone enters... ._.;)
will recieve a one-shot story (max, eh...five pages?)
with any pairing they want (yes, you can include oc's,
just give me their particulars before i write), which
i hereby swear will be completed before three months go by.
(you might notice i'm really bad at updating,
there's a reason for that.
it's called college).

if a lot of people enter, i might change the prize around
to include a second and maybe third place prize, but we'll

there's something particular
about how i've described my characters.
i really haven't.
my thing is, i'd rather have the reader develop
their own mental image of the characters than
have me force what i have in my mind on them.
that's what will make judging this contest so fun.
i'll look at each entry and judge on originality,
composition, and if it matched my notion of the characters
in any way. i'm not looking for duplicates of what i
have in mind, just similarities.

if you have any questions, concerns, or i missed something and you need clarification, please don't hesitate to pm me.
i'm looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store.


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