Yours Truly The Tokyo Mew Mew Challenge

Alright! Its contest time Tokyo Mew Mew style! Celebrating the great return of Café Mew Mew its time to throw out all the stops!

The task is to create a mew with ANY DNA! Yup, you can choose any animal for the DNA for your mew! Give him/her a cute mew outfit, weapon, and an awesome back story to match! This is your time to throw caution in the wind and make that mew you always wanted!

And If you don’t what a mew mew is check out my world “café mew mew” it has everything that you will need to know to start making your mew.

Here are some things that you need to make sure of.

• give them a food name at least for the mew alias
• have the picture of there Mew self at least
• Please have the mew outfit LOOK like a mew outfit which includes, arm puffs, garter, chokers etc etc. It okay if you want to add stuff and what not but make sure the costume look like a mew outfit so don’t over do it!
• Give them a mew mark and weapon, attack name etc.
• A bio
• back-story

The picture can be

• Colored or not but some kind of color will help greatly!
• Digital or traditional

Please no

• Gore
• Yuri
• To much hanging out, etc
• Hentai

This is a contest on design so you don’t have to draw well to win. The entries will be judged on originality, creativity and detail so the more the better! And yes you can throw as many entries in the pot as you want but only one picture can win.

You got a month so you got plenty of time.

And finally the prizes…

1st Place gets a full colored request from me.
2nd Place gets a flat colored request from me.
3nd Place gets a line art request from me.

So what are you sitting here still reading? Go out there and make the greatest mew this world will ever see.

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Mew Cioppino ~monochromexii
Biohazard ~potato u princess
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