Vocaloid Covers

Okay this is my first challenge so don't kill me//>.<// The challenge is to draw your oc or and existing character in a vocaloid song cover.

example: drawing your oc with a leek for Ivan Polka by Hatsune Miku or Naruto for Japanese Ninja No. 1 by Megurine Luka. The character has to be dressed up as a vocaloid and the drawing has to be related to the song,so don't just slap on a character. Please,Please be creative! And please put the song you are covering in the description. BTW the song has to be a vocaloid song, just in case i didn't make that clear^_~ And if you still don't get what a cover is then here are more examples:

1. http://media.photobucket.com/image/love%20is%20war%20miku/manaphylover_/_originalloveiswarMiku.jpg?o=5 Love is War Cover

2. http://pireze.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/pirezesupercell-works-23.jpg KuruKuru Maku No Sugoi Yatsu cover

3. http://moetron.com/newfiles/20090124_worldismine_008.jpg World is Mine cover

Da Rules:

1. Can be traditional or digital

2. Can be colored or not,but if it'snot put shadows to make it look detailed.

3. Can put up to 3 pic but only one will win.

4. Can have as many ppl in as you want.

5. Doen't have to have a background,but creative points if you do.

Will be judged on:

1. creativity

2. effort

and will be judge by me and RuRuPon.


1. 2 colored requests (by me or RuRuPon)+gift

2. 1 line art request (by me or RuRuPon)+gift

3. 1 line art chibi request (by me or RuRuPon)+gift

Hopefully this isn't asking too much^_^" If you have any questions feel free to ask. You have 2 months,Have Fun!

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