stararnold Gundam Vs. Macross

For years, "Gundam" and "Macross" have been not only some of the most popular Space Adventure-themed Franchises in Anime, but also some of the most popular Mecha-genred Anime franchises, but yet they may seem to rival each other the same way DC Comics rivals Marvel Comics. Inspired by media franchise rivalries in the past (like "Family Guy" Vs. "The Simpsons") and crossover-themed fighting video games (like "Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom), I decided to launch a fan art challenge that focuses on the topic of "Gundam" Vs. "Macross". While there are no entry limits, here are the required rules to follow to do each fan art entrynd make sure to read them carefully before entering:

1) Choose one of the following fighting themes for the illustration:
-a) "Gundam" character Vs. "Macross" character
-b) "Gundam" ship Vs. "Macross" ship
-c) "Gundam" piloted-giant robot Vs. "Macross" piloted-giant robot
2) illustration must either be in colour or black and white
3) illustation can either be a painting, a drawing on a plain piece of paper, or even a 2D illustration done on computer. Note that if you're doing a drawing on paper, make sure to carefully keep the outlines sharp in a way that anyone can see the inner and outer details clearly
4) Make sure that the violence in this piece is no higher than a PG-13 level
5) Place entry in the subcategory "Crossover Anime and Manga"

Optionals: You can include a background for your piece, whether in outer space, in a city, a desert, a wrestling ring, etc. Also, you can set your illustration structuring of elements and signs in the style of screenshots from fighting video games (think Street Fighter-styled).

Only three will win this challenge, so good luck to all of you contestants taking part, and have fun! If you have any questions or comments, don't hesistate to respond to the comment box.

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Battle Of The Songstresses ~Paulini
Roy Fokker vs. Emma Sheen ~RickHunter33
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