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Hi everyone!

I adore receiving fanart of my OCs, so I decided to create this challenge! I'm currently in the process of updating all of my OC ref pages, and I've done enough up to this point that I feel comfortable posting this challenge while I finish up the last few characters who still need reference pictures.

Please go HERE for info on my OCs!

I don't really care what you do with this, I just want to see other people's interpretations of my characters! Colored, black and white, digital, traditional, anything goes. You can submit as many times as you want.

My only rules are
1. Feel free to draw any character in different clothes, but please do so based on what it says they wear in the description.
2. With that being said, please put anyone who's under 18 in age-appropriate clothes. I don't want to disqualify anyone. Please use your common sense.
3. If you want to draw a couple, please only draw canon ships (see character descriptions).

Prizes will be based on how my health is and how much schoolwork I have when the challenge ends.

Thank you and feel free to ask any questions!

Thank you to everyone who participated. I love all of the entries and I'm thankful you all participated! I would like to draw something for everyone, and I'm hoping I can get to work on that now because I have a bit of downtime between now and finals.

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