kita mikichi Caption It!

I challenge you to a Caption Battle...featuring our own art!

This challenge requires a buddy!

So, grab a friend, and you can do this one of two ways:
1. Have your friend write you a caption/phrase and draw a picture to go with it.
2. Have your friend draw a picture for you to caption.

Submit the art and place the caption at the top of the description in bold.

1. Credit your buddy! - Dedicate your picture to your partner.
2. Follow theO rules - keep things appropriate; max of PG-13 rating
3. Can be any medium.
4. Can be any kind of fan art or original art, not limited to anime/manga.
5. You can enter multiple times and change your partners if you wish, but only one of your entries can win!

Prizes TBA!! You have two months to enter! Any questions, feel free to comment or PM me.

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