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Have you ever looked at a song title and wondered what the song was about before listening to it? Well, now's your chance to DRAW what you think a song is about. And not just any songs-- MY songs.

For those of you who don't know, I write, sing, play, and record my own music. I'm in the process of recording my own album. The track listing is as follows (in no particular order):

  • "Anthem"
  • "Fell in Love with a Rock Star"
  • "Suburban Prophet"
  • "Growing Up the Wrong Way"
  • "Your Name"
  • "Get Immortal or Die Trying"
  • "All Bow Before the Queen"
  • "Battle Scars"
  • "This Ain't Your Song"
  • "I Can Be Anything"
  • "Sorry (No Apologies)"

I want you to think about what these songs might mean, and then draw them. You don't have to know what the songs mean, or what they sound like. Just use your imagination! (But if you want you can PM me for meanings/lyrics.)

Album spoiler: There's also a hidden track, but I'm including it in this list because it's got a specific sort of title. If you want to know, it's called "I Went to High School with a Guy from Fall Out Boy and I Didn't Even Get a Stupid Song Written About Me".

Judging: I'm judging more on creativity than skill, but that doesn't mean you don't have to do your best. Your chances of winning won't be as great if you just draw some indistinguishable scribble. Of course, I will disqualify and report any stolen art.

Prizes: So far, I have one song recorded, which will be given to all winners. I'm going to use the three months of this Challenge as motivation to record even more, so that there will be more prizes. If I get eight or more different people to enter, I'll give away a six-month premium to someone at random. Keep checking back; I may edit this section.

Extra stuff: You do NOT have to dedicate your entries to me. Tagging your work with my username "Keba Si Rota" is optional (but for the love of all things good in this world, don't use a "#"). Also, do not feel obligated to enter if I invited you; I just sent out invitations to everyone subscribed to me, regardless of drawing ability. Please don't be mad at me for spamming your inbox.

If you have questions, please ask in the comments.

Good luck and rock on!

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Fell In Love With A Rock Star ~WildGirl1977
All bow before the queen ~SmallxLady
my {Battle Scars} ~Rainbow Dragon
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