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Manga Power! Manga Power!

So for this challenge I would love for you to draw a character or characters from a manga that has yet to have an anime adaption! Sometimes it's fun to see how they look and they usually have less fan art. For example, Koibana! is a romance manga without an anime adaption. (I'll even count Noblesse this one time ha ha) Now I do not have a discrimination against any manga so it can be romance, horror, slice of life, yuri, yoai whatever floats your boat but do keep it clean if ya know what I mean (; Um oh yes.... it can be a popular manga or it can be one that is underrated as long as it does not have a full blown out anime adaption. (Movies or ova's are fine and will not count against you)

You can enter as many times as you want but only one will win
does not have to be colored and no back ground necessary
Please don't used lined paper

1st prize will receive one fan art with a background and two sketches
2nd prize will receive one fan art with a background and one sketch
3rd prize will receive one fan art with a background

Runner Up Prize may be given out (I will decide then)

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Futakago's Trio ~Groovy Boar
Scarlet Palace ~Dianote
Not Alone Anymore ~kita mikichi
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