clueless101 Time to make a Mary Sue!

That's right this challenge is all about making a mary-sue/ marty-stu. What is a mary sue you might ask well here's the definition of mary sue.

Often, the Mary Sue is a self-insert with a few "improvements" (ex. better body, more popular, etc). The Mary Sue character is almost always beautiful, smart, etc... In short, she is the "perfect" girl. The Mary Sue usually falls in love with the author's favorite character(s) and winds up upstaging all of the other characters in the book/series/universe. - Urban Dictionary

now there are many many different type of mary sue's and if you wanted to know you can click here to read about them. Now if any of your OC's fall under these conditions your more then welcome to draw them instead of making a brand new character.

The main reason why I wanted to make this kind of challenge is to help show people what a mary sue/ Marty stu character is. I'm making one myself actually because I haven't made one before. I've come close but then they have developed into their own characters and have become something completely different from how they started. And that's what I want to do with the character that I'm going to create. I want to start them off as a complete stereo type mary sue/ marty stu then see what they develop into as I work with them.

Here's a profile if you wanted to use it to use it for your character feel free.
Appearance: (hair, eyes, body type, tattoo's, etc)
Bio: (if you want to make one)
Other: likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc


  • Your Mary sue/ Marty Stu has to be one of the following (victim sue, warrior sue, mage sue, punk sue, or misfit sue)
  • Have a profile for your character you can use the one that I made above if you would like.
  • You can make more then one character
  • You can put them with another one of your characters
  • Please follow the rules of theO
  • You can have as many entries as you would like only one will win though.
  • Have fun

1st: 1 Fan art of a character of your choice (this includes OC's), 1 Wallpaper, 1 IWallpaper
2nd: 1 Wallpaper, 1 IWallpaper
3rd: 1 IWallpaper

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Aleen (warrior! sue) ~nikkeh09
Punk Sue ~GoldNGoddess
Mage Sue ~jesdale
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