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The objective of this challenge is to draw a Fallen Angel. You could draw it from your imagination, an anime, a book series, a tv show, an OC you have, or depictions from the bible (Up to you, I'm not requiring bible stuff from you :p)

This Fallen Angel can do anything in your art! From sitting on a tomb stone, to seducing a lady or man, to flying in the air, or fighting Nephilim~

It's up to you, as the Artist!

Here are the Rules:

* Link all your sources, either with click-able links by clicking on the little earth icon, or just font.

* Tell me where your depiction is coming it your mind, an OC, book character (Name of character, book they were in, and author), tv show (same format) or whatever you decide. I just want to know where they come from~

* Must be entirely your work. It is art, not wallpapers, so try to make it all original. If you use a digital tool to make it look better, link the program you used.

* Follow theO rules, self explanatory. No nudity, no drugs, etc etc

* Yaoi, Yuri, Straight, etc IS ALLOWED. I am open minded and don't mind these things, in case you choose the seducing route.

* Dedicate works to me so that I can be informed of all art that is being submitted and can make an honest decision :)


# First place: 2 Wallpapers, 2 E-Cards, Short Story featuring their artwork

# Second place: 1 Wallpaper, 1 E-Card, Poem featuring their artwork

# Third place: 1 Wallpaper, 1 E-Card

Enjoy, have fun :) And you have 3 months to do this~

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