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Hey y'all, been a while, huh? Not sure if anyone I still talked to here even uses this site anymore but just thought I'd spread more Vocaloid love onto here :D

So anyways this is an art contest, to make drawings of an upcoming Korean Vocaloid. Her name is Uni (유니), she is supposed to be coming out in summer 2015, you can see what she looks like and some short info here on the wiki:

As far as I know she doesn't have a voice yet although I hear that the Korean community are potentially going to be able to vote on her voice or choose from suggested voice actresses/singers or whatever. But anyways, basics are:

-Any kinda medium you want (traditional art, digital art, whatever you prefer) Can also be sketchy or fully colored
-Follow the TOS (which hopefully you'd do even if you weren't entering a contest but I don't think there's that many problems with rules in this community)
-Respect the other participants. Concrit is ok if they want it/ask for it but no insulting each other's art
-You don't have to draw her in her official outfit if you don't want to (not sure how many changes the art/dev team will make before releasing her anyways), if you wanna give her some kinda fashion you prefer or casual clothing or some unique costume, since the full ref isn't high quality yet. And in you want to include other vocaloids/utaus in the picture that's fine.

Have fun~! If you have any questions, lemme know and I'll answer them as best I can c:

Edit: Thanks to everyone who entered! Even though there were only 3 entires (well, 4 but one artist quit their account), I think they were all great, be sure to check out everyone's portfolios~! And see you in the next contest(s) if I decide to make more lol

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