Sakaira Transformed

Hey guys. I've been waiting for this.

The Gist/Specifics:
-Take any existing character(s) you want (your favorite, your most hated, your you-don't-care) and change them somehow (has to be an obvious).
-No OCs for this challenge. Has to be Anime/Manga/Game
-Colored or fantasically shaded black&white(&gray)
EDIT: Age change and chibi form are okay, but they aren't very impressive alone.

Some examples
-genderbend, fairy, half animal, vampire, zombie, witch, pirate, alien, some other critter, etc

What I bestow upon you
-You may do a crossover.
-You may have multiple entries. -let your mind go crazy-
-Can be a mixture of changes, they just have to be changed somehow
-You may do a collaboration with other members, but you must list them in the description and only one person submit it.

Generic Rules
-No stealing.
-Keep things PG13, nothing obscene.
-Don't scar me.
-Abide theotaku rules.
-Include a description because I may think it's something else.
-No OCs for this challenge. Has to be Anime/Manga/Game
-No submitting an old fanart. You can redo it with some modifications.
--rules subjected to change-

Whatever is not meantioned is fair game.


Winning Conditions to be a Creative Genius God(dess)
-Abide by everything stated above. (Stuff in bestowed section optional)
-Details matter
-Bonus points for creating a scenario in the fanart (bare in mind that this is under fanart not fancomic, but I'll let it slide if you make one)

I am actually quite easy to please.


The hardest part was choosing... Here's basic rubic: 1 point for effort and 1 for every change (transformation and level of design choices).

What's weird is that when I was selecting winners (you're all winners but I'm only allowed to pick up to 3) there was another entry listed but I can't see the art. Was it removed? "Human Digimon", I never saw it o.o

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Skull Kid Transformed ~nikkeh09
Wolf Len ~krisoyka
Demon Naruto ~GoldNGoddess
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