Ryuchu Bloody Nursery Rhymes

Hello, and welcome to the challenge page! ^^

This challenge is rather simply. Your mission, if you choose to accept it (which I hope you do), is to make those Nursery Rhymes from your childhood creepy, bloody, gorey, or a combination of all three (or work another angle that I haven't thought of)

So, a little rusty on those Nursery Rhymes? Not to worry! This site has quite a few and should be able to fill your basic needs!

Still slightly confused on what you're supposed to be doing? Also not a problem! This picture is an example of what I'm looking for.

The Rules
1. You may use any character that you so wish; OCs, existing character, other people's OCs (with their permission), fan characters, random people off the street...

2. Any and all art forms are allowed; pencil and paper, paint, actual paint, photshop, SAI, keyscratching into the side of someone you don't like's car (I wouldn't recomend that last one, might get you into trouble, and we don't want that :3)

3. Now, I KNOW I'm challenging you to make a bloody picture, but let's keep it at a managable level. For the high end of the spectrum, let's keep it somewhere between Higurashi and Elfen Leid and remember, the picture dosn't have to scream "First Degree Murder" I want something creepy.

4. IMPORTANT! In the description of your art, please include the original Nursery Rhyme that the picture is based off of. If you do not include this, I promise you that you will not place in the top 3.

5. You are only allowed to enter 1 piece, so make sure that you are 100% happy with your piece before you submit it.

6. It dosn't neccesarily have to be colored or have a background, but colors and backgrounds give us something more to look at, just use your disgression when you decide what you want to include in your picture (you may decide it looks better in grayscale, who knows)

7. Have fun and be creative! If your not going to have fun drawing for this contest, then there's really no point (sorry, it's the harsh truth)

1st - 2 Fully Colored Requests, a congragalatory pat on the head
2nd - 1 Fully Colored Request, a congragulatory pat on the head
3rd - 1 Line Art Request, a congraguatory pat on the head
Anyone Who Enters - a congragulatory pat on the head

Well then, I hope you guys have fun with this contest and that I actually set up this contest correctly (never done this before). If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask either in a comment or PM me, I will answer to the best of my ability!

You guys make my life so difficult! All of you who entered are amazingly amazing and deserve many more hugs, thank yous, and pats on the head than I could ever give! I had the most difficult time deciding from all of your guys pictures which could win...I wish you all could! But again, thank you so very very much for entering and I will be PMing winners about what I could in my lowly artist skills draw in return for their wonderful, amazingness.

oh yes and...
*pat on the head for all who entered* :3

Okay, this has been Ryuchu, over and out!
P.S. I'm sorry that you all have to deal with all my sarcasm *apolagetic bow*

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Little Bo-Peep Has Mutiliated Her Sheep ~Nikokami
Pussycat, Pussycat ~monochromexii
Here is little Effy's Head ~phonet
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