Excel in Cipherland Activity Contest!

Second Excel in Cipherland Contest! Celebrating three years of posting Excel in Cipherland!

Actual date of the E.I.C anniversary: July 18
Hello everyone! Remember how I said I would make another Excel in Cipherland Drawing Contest next year? Well guess what? It's next year! But guess what? I wanted that drawing contest to include all the characters from the second volume. Sadly, this year I had a MAJOR set back with my comic due to life's stresses~~~ So I think I've only been able to post like 10 pags... lol... Meaning there's a whole bunch of characters that have not been able to make their debut. So this years challenge will have a TWIST!

What I want you to do:

I want you guys to make up an activity that would be suitable for the Excel in Cipherland Activity Book. I wanna see what you guys can come up with!!!

*I will post the activities of the first three winners (unless the winners don't want to then I'll pick my next favorite activities unless the owners don't want to either, lol) on the activity book and give you the credit of course! Yay!!

*Everyone gets one of those little gift things we send to people here at TheO! Also, I sub whoever enters unless I 'm already subbed to you then hehehe I can't sub again, lol!

1. MEGA IMP!!! DO NOT REPEAT Activities that I already came up with! NO! N.O. Bad. Will probably be disqualified. I want something different, something that I haven't been able to come up with yet or something that I've never seen before! Surprise me!

2. Must be either math related or Excel in Cipherland related and if it's NOT related to any of those then decorate the page with Excel in Cipherland stuff that you draw yourself! And if it's Math related do decorate the page with E.I.C stuff that you draw yourself, lol

E.I.C stuff that you draw yourself = chibis of the characters, the characters themselves(one or two or whatever), even just the origin and go crazy 'cause I tend to decorate the origin however I feel like it at the moment. Just remember the origin glows a lot and has the cartesian plane in it.

3. Follow theO rules!!!

4. No yuri, no yaoi, no nudity, nothing gross, etc...

5. You can enter as many times as you want!

Yeah just go crazy with whatever! Surprise me, follow the rules and then you will probably win! I sure hope I get some entries!!! This is the perfect challenge for those who want something difficult!!

Yeah! Please join!!!

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