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This is a design challenge. READ CAREFULLY!


Design a character or your own pre-existing (and incorporate said) character with a lantern.
Primarily, the main objective is to incorporate a lantern into creation and design.
Character presentation is equally important!

Lanterns vary in shape, size, color, (realistically) can be made from a variety of materials: metal, glass, and paper. Lanterns are powered by electricity, oils, batteries, or hand-cranks.

In a more fantasy environment, anything goes. Anything. Seriously.
Magic, anyone?

-Follow TheO's rules, of course.
-Two Entries Only
-Medium doesn't matter [Traditional. Digital.]
-Don't submit a scribble. I want to see neat and tidy entries.
-Do not be lazy! You're submitting art for all to see!
-Color is strongly preferred
-A background is NOT needed, but always appreciated.

[] I'm interested in what kind of ideas you come up with.
- Have fun! And don't be afraid to do something with a modern twist. Otherwise, FANTASY!

Need an idea of where to start?

[I would start with Google Images...]

  • Lantern
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Metal Lantern
    [even the old vintage lanterns can inspire cool characters]

  • Glass Lantern [glass ornaments too]
  • Hanging Lamps
    [Ceiling lights/lamps. I've found several that would make interesting lanterns]

  • Oil Lamps
  • Lava lamps?
  • Whatever you come up with that can somehow work....somehow...

.....anything lamp related on a stick. Sticks are cool.

Let us know where you found your inspiration, if possible!


Despite the fact that I currently have a WAY to create/post digital art, everything is still very uncertain.
Prizes may still be requested however.
request a drawing of your OC;

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