nikkeh09 Weathery Emotion

Hello my lovely people!! Why yes it is my first challenge... I know what you are thinking 'Nikkeh You better have an awesome challenge' and I think I might have something fun in mind thanks to Moonbrain1509 *shoutout* lol any ways...

I want you to draw any character you want in any type of weather! For example you could draw an character basking in the sun at a beach or playing in the snow! You can even go darker/sadder if you want. My personal favorites are overly emotional characters in the rain (i.e. Itachi, L, Konan, anyone really!!)


Follow the O's rules
It can be colored, black and white, digital you name it!
Any characters from an anime, book, movie ect(O.C's are welcomed and admired!)
Enter as many times as you want but only one entry will win
Oh and don't forget to have fuuuuuuun (:

First Place: 2 Fan Arts 1 Wallie
Second Place: 1 Fan Art 1 Wallie
Third Place: 1 Fan Art or Wallie

Special thanks! Everyone who enters will get one gift!!

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Cold Yet? ~Ametsu the Ninja rain ~lion cherrysweet
Hidden by the rain ~Ellenor Mererid
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