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Hey it's clue here and I'm back with a new fan art challenge. This time around I'm hoping this challenge will do better then my last challenge. Well let me stop babbling and get right into the plot of this challenge~

A new game has come out world wide for the vocaloids and everyone is rushing to get it. You were one of the lucky ones and made sure that you preordered the game so that you didn't have to worry about getting your copy. Your excited to play this new game so once you get home you quickly rush to your room where your system is located and instal the game into your system. You watch the epic opening sequence and then get to the main page. You hit new game and you expect to have a loading screen pop up when your screen starts acting funny and a whole munch of different colors appear on your screen. You panic and go to turn off your system to restart it so it doesn't ruin your game or your system which ever is acting up but when you get up you are sucked into your screen and everything goes dark.

The next thing you know your favorite vocaloid is waking you up and is speaking the language that you do. This confuses you a bit but you push it aside thinking that the game developers made a new system where the vocaloids can speak the same language that you do and you assume that you are just playing the game. But then you realize that the vocaloids don't look like computer programs like they always have, instead they look real! Then you remember that something really weird was happening with your screen and were sucked into the game! Now you have to make it through the game as the new vocaloid and figure out a way to make it out!

Well I hope that gave you some inspiration foe this challenge! What I want you to do is just like in the little sequence that I just gave you I want you to throw yourself into the Vocaloid universe and turn yourself into a vocaloid. Now onto the rules for this challenge~


  • Can have up to three entries
  • Follow the rules of theO
  • Can be Digital or Traditional
  • It can be a sketch but I would much rather see them done then only a sketch
  • They don't have to be dedicated to me, but it helps me keep track of the challenge a lot easier.
  • You have two months to do this challenge
  • If you have any questions please ask
  • To make sure that people actually read the rules you should put the word challenge in your tags
  • Give a short bio of your vocaloid character and who found them
  • Have Fun!!!!

I hope that you will enjoy working on this challenge. I had a lot of fun working on the little prompt for it. Again you have two months and you are limited to 3 entries~ Have fun!

1st place: will get a wallpaper and e-card of their favorite Vocaloid, with a drawing of their Vocaloid and their favorite vocaloid together.

2nd Prize: Will get an e-card of their favorite vocaloid and a drawing of their vocaloid and favorite vocaloid together.

3rd Prize: Will get a picture of their vocaloid and their favorite vocaloid together.

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