Bringing a character to life

Hmmmmm....What's next you ask?.....
It's another fanart challenge sillies! What I want this time is to take your favorite book character, meaning novel, and bring them to life, how you see them in your mind. You can enter as many times as you want, and even include a pairing, but as always, there are rules.

1.) The book you choose cannot have been made into a movie. Sorry. That means no Twilight, no Percy Jackson, no Lord of the Rings. However, if your favorite book happens to be something from an old dead guy, I'll allow it. Meaning Great Expectations counts, even though its had tons of movies made. Also, if a movie was made, but it wasn't popular, message me the movie title and year it was made. I'll get back to you with my answer. I f i haven't heard of it, chances are it's a yes.

2.)It can be from any genre you want, no manga or comics, including internet comics.

3.) The book title, author and character must be listed in the description. Include why you chose this character. Pairings are allowed, just list both characters and if its considered a "Crack" pairing, why you like them.

4.)Finally, you can enter up to four different entries. The book can be the same or different.

Prizes include:
1st:Medal, subscription and gift
2nd: gift and quote from MY favorite character. May be inspirational or not.
3rd: gift

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