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February.. the love month is coming and I'm kinda in the mood to watch/read some anime under the love genre.. lol.....

For this challenge, draw a fanart of the anime/manga that you would recommend.. you may draw them however you like, romantic/dramatic/comedy.. colored or not.. doesnt matter.. the point is to recommend an anime/manga and the main genre of the story has to be about love and whatnot.. (sorry, no naruto/bleach even though there are some romantic episodes, romance is not the main genre.. lol..)

So for example, you want to recommend this anime/manga called Lovely Complex.. then draw a fanart of Koizumi and Otani or whoever pair you want from this series in a lovely scene or comedic moment or even a dramatic pic..

it's just simply a fanart contest of a romance anime/manga you'd recommend..

but like any other contest, I'll put a criteria for the judging to have some challenge:

Technical (drawn well/presented well/quality good enough) - 10%
Delivery (concept well interpreted) - 20%
Originality of the pose/pic/idea/concept of your fanart - 30%
Description of your entry (engaging enough for me/viewers to watch/read the title you're suggesting) - 30%

and the remaining 10% could just be based on my honest preference.. :3

strictly no original characters included in your entry.. pure fanart and im really looking forward to watch/read what you'd recommend so as for the prize....

1st place - gets to request a colored full body pic of 1 character oc/fanart
2nd place - colored half body for 1 character oc/fanart
3rd place - pencil only bust shot/portrait for 1 character oc/fanart

ok that's it.. dont forget to add the title of the anime/manga you're drawing and make your description as brief as possible--preferably about the series hahaha... you may submit as many entries as you want.. keep drawing and you have 1 month for this challenge.. good luck and have fun~

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