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So I was writing this story last night and one of the main characters has got an evil alter ego and I thought, "why not zoidberg create a challenge about it?" But I also think it's cool to see genderbends too, so I decided to do a double challenge.
What do I want you to do?
Draw either a genderbend of a favorite character / OC or draw an alter ego for a favorite character / OC !
Some notes before the rules:
- You do NOT have to draw BOTH a genderbend and an alter ego. You're more than welcome to if you want, but it is not necessary.
- Please specify who the character is and what you did to the character (genderbend / alter ego / both) so in case I or anyone else is unfamiliar with him / her, we know what the change is.
- Please do NOT draw any animal characters (Ex. Kirara from Inuyasha). Unless the character is an anthro, it can be difficult to see exactly what changed in both the genderbend and alter ego categories.
- In my view, the only alter ego does not have to be an evil one! If your OC / favorite character is usually crabby or introverted, you can draw them doing something they'd probably never do otherwise, like socializing with people they're not familiar with, and vice versa. So yes, angry characters can be drawn as happy ones.
- Genderbends are a bit simpler, just take an OC or favorite character and genderbend! Be considerate of their clothing and think of what they would wear if they were genderbent.
- Follow theO's rules
- PG-13
- Dedications to me are not necessary
- No lined paper! I know it can be useful in terms of drawing proportions correctly, but it drives me crazy because the lines are so distracting to look at (I know I am guilty of this but if you're at home I can't imagine that there's not one single piece of blank paper lying around).
- Tell us what you did to your character! What was their personality before and after? What did they look like before and after the genderbend? If I get a picture that only says "Here is my OC XYZ enjoy!" or nothing at all, I will disqualify because it tells me that you weren't paying attention to me saying this OVER AND OVER. I don't like disqualifying. It makes me sad. Don't make me do it. And I like reading so describe away.
- Original characters / fan characters / characters from all manner of books, movies, TV, and comics are accepted
- Traditional / digital both acceptable
- Colored / uncolored both acceptable, but colored can get you extra points because I think it helps add more to a "new" version of a character

Prizes TBD. If I have enough time come the end of this challenge I will draw, If I don't I'll do gifts / subs etc.

Have fun and good luck! Comment if you have questions!

Hello everyone and thank you for participating!
The winners were difficult to choose because I loved every single entry (and no I'm not just saying that)!
To the winners:
I'm not going to write any prizes down here because I have to leave for Ash Wednesday service in 5 minutes, but you guys will get drawings. Here's the catch: I have the SAT this Saturday and I need to get a job resume and cover letter done that my dad is giving me a hard time about so I don't have the time to draw until next week.
Please just PM me several requests of what you want me to draw (OCs, FCs, favorite characters, etc. but please no animals / pokemon because what you'll get will probably look like a potato. Anthros are fine.)
Sorry I can't be very descriptive right now but if you have any questions please PM me.

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