In The Land Of Dreams

First challenge ever!!!!!!! Yeyyyyy!!!
Hello my friends, I'm Evalinna and this is my first challenge :D :D The theme of this challenge will be: Landscapes.

I want you to draw me a beautiful landscape of whatever you want: a meadow, the sea, a mountain, anything that can come in your mind. It can be a place of fantasy or an existing one I want you to put all your skills on this one

But of course there is a small catch. I want you to draw it on paper. You can either color it on Photoshop or Picmonkey (please use only these two)or color it by hand. For example you can draw it by hand, scan it and upload it. But i won't accept artwork made completely on tablets. This is because many of the members don't have one, and i want to be fair, cause we all agree that fanarts made on tablets can't compare fairly with those made by hand. Sooo no tablets people :P

Also, I don't care about the quality (well only in one point. I want to be able to distinguish what was drawn) You can either scan it or take a clear picture of it, I don't mind :P

Pretty simple right?

Now the rules :

1)unlimited entries
2)follow the otaku rules
3)no people/animals in the drawing
4)if possible dedicate it to me
5)HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!


First winner gets a request colored drawing, 2 gifts and a sub
Second winner gets a request drawing and 1 gift
Third winner gets a wallpaper and 1 gift

Good luck to everyone!!!!

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Faron Springs ~nikkeh09
the sea ~
Land of my dreams ~XXXYuiLieaxxx
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