gaaraskittygirl This is Halloween!

EDIT 10/3/13: Oh, silly me, I forgot to add in prizes!!
EDIT 10/6/13: I will give some more details, too.
EDIT 10/9/13: I'm not comfortable with mailing the first place winner my story, so I will post it up instead.

That time is upon us again! When ghouls and ghosts shriek and fill the night with terror! And little goblins run around asking for treats. ;)
What I want all of you beautiful otaku's out there to do is draw me some scary, Halloweeny pictures!! Actually, you can enter whatever you would like: a comic, an ecard, a wallpaper, a story. The criteria is just that it has to be related to Halloween, is frightening, or includes dark aspects. You can use your own characters or canon characters. Just make sure you notify me in the comments below if you create a piece of work other than fanart.
As always, make sure the content matches with all the criteria for theO's policies. And please be kind, this is my second challenge efur. :)
The winners will be revealed on the second Day of The Dead!! I will be too busy on Halloween night scaring the neighbors, anyways.
Your prizes shall be:

  • First place: A colored Halloween picture book written and illustrated by yours truly, along with a tiny crow mailed to you! I will post the pictures up as a comic and dedicate them to you!
  • Second place: A tiny crow mailed to you and my personal Halloween mix, which includes VOCALOID songs, MCR, P!ATD, and four versions of This Is Halloween.
  • Third place: A tiny crow mailed to you along with a drawing of your choice. Please be very specific!

If you are not comfortable with me mailing you tiny crows, I will draw each tiny crow and post it up. They are too cute to go wasted!
Get to doin', folks!! Happy Halloween! Muhahahahaha! >:)

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