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Since school started on Wednesday for me and I'm just so thrilled about it (note the sarcasm), I've decided to do another challenge. Also I'm about to celebrate my promotion to Otaku Legend (whenever that is) and I need something to get my mind of off Transformers since that's basically the only thing I think about.

SO! Here is what I ask of you. Draw a favorite character of yours that ISN'T in an anime / manga / or anime/manga video game.

~ Cannot be a character from anime / manga / video game for an anime or manga. Use a character from a book, movie, TV series or comic book you like. For example, you could draw Harry Potter, Castiel from Supernatural, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, or a Marvel character.
~ For now, enter as many times as you like (I may change this if there are a lot of entries).
~ You can draw in a style found in an anime / manga as long as the character isn't from anime / manga. For example, you could draw Thor in Black Butler style, or Harry Potter in PSG style. If you're not comfortable with a style of your own yet, go ahead and use any style you want, but if you're comfortable with your own style, you can either do that or try something different.
~ Follow the rules of theO!
~ Feel free to change up clothing styles. This is more specifically for characters who may not wear the most... appropriate clothing, but if you're feeling creative, it's fine to create a new wardrobe for them. So, you could draw Jack and Rose from Titanic wearing modern-day clothing. Just make sure it's not too out-of-character. So I wouldn't recommend drawing Loki wearing a pink dress or anything of the like.
~ If you have a favorite character who isn't human (whether it's an animal, alien, or Transformer *shot*), you can humanize them if you think it'd be more fun / easier to draw, or it'd just look cool. However, please don't draw characters as animals or MLPs, because it might be hard for people not familiar with the character to tell who it is. So, I don't want to see Iron Man as a cat or Optimus Prime sporting hooves and a tail.
~ In the description, please tell us the name of the character and what they are from, especially if it's a character from a seemingly unknown fandom. Or if you don't want to put it in the description, please at least title your picture with the character's name and fandom.
~ You can draw as many characters as you like in a picture and do crossovers if you don't want to submit separate entries.

I won't be doing art-related prizes this time, so:
~1st place gets a sub, a gift, a favorite, and a hug on a piece in their gallery.
~2nd place gets a gift, a favorite, and a hug on a piece in their gallery.
~3rd place gets a favorite and a hug on a piece in their gallery.

If I forgot something
Please ask.

OMG guys, sorry it took like 96 days for me to get back on here and declare winners. We have this thing where you can trick or treat downtown because where I live is so small, and my bff and I wanted to go so I had five days to make a costume from scraps I found at a thrift store whilst juggling homework and preparing for tests the same day I needed to have the costume done. (Note-don't watch funny TV shows when you're sewing) btw it looked like crap because my friend was mystique and her parents actually support the idea of dressing up so she and her mom made this awesome-ass costume and i looked like a couch and had really embarrassing skirt malfunctions.
so there you have it. But thank you guys so much for entering, it was fun to see what people came up with!

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