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So! i was just recently promoted to Otaku++ *waits for applause* and i thought i'd do another challenge!
I need your help! i'm writing a book, right?, and i have no idea what do design for the cover!
So....that is the challenge! Now, i'm not saying this book will ever be published or anything, but, i am begging for the artistic talents of my fellow member of TheO. Please! show me your interpretation of these characters! In an ideal world, i would like them all to be on the cover, however, i understand that may be pushing it, so a minimum of two please. Here are my characters, or atleast the main ones. the book is titled Theory of the Flame.

Flannery-17,very red curly hair, green eyes, controls fire
Vitali-17,tall, black hair, icy blue eyes, pale, not very talkative, can make his body gaseous
Ensio and Seija-16,brother and sister(twins), brown hair, brown eyes, werewolves
Ansgar-30-ish,blonde hair,dark blue eyes, tall, antagonist, sort of a part time wizard....

So, the story is a fantasy, as you geniuses have no doubt guessed. The rules are quite simple.

1.) the artwork must be completly your own! if it is plagerized, you will instantly be disqualified.

2.)any artstyle is allowed(realism, manga/anime etc.) Your points go up as long as it is well done.

3.)as long as the character still resembled the layout I have provided, the outfits are up to you! enjoy the creativeness!

4th and final.)please keep it apropriate! do not burn my eyes with the surprisingly graphicness of the art. Thank you.

Please dedicate the artwork to me, prizes include a medal for first place(of course) as well as an excerpt from the story, a gift for second place and a chuck norris joke for third place.

Once again Please enjoy!!!!!

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Theory of the flame ~
.Theory of the Flame ~animegirl171
Theory of the Flame ~T L Experiment
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