infinatelove42 Darkness On My Eyes!

here there is no light
... wait what?!

so this time i want you to draw ANYTHING you want !!!
....but the catch is that you have draw it in the dark
yes darkness muhahaha....

Right now your probably thinking this person is crazy 0-0
welllll ......
this challenge is really for you
to see what area you need to work on the most
and helps you learn to see without your eyes

so if you think that your drawing looks like something that went through the wash machine
twice then its okay but PLEASE refrain from touch ups
what i mean by that is that once you see it in the light
you will probably go nuts and your brain will be like this isn't right ..... asdfghjkl
and then get worked up to try to redo the whole entire thing !!!!
Trust me i went there

but its okay because that is what we want to see ^//^

this a traditional challenge but
if you can find a way to do digital without looking at it
then go ahead ^-^

Now le rules:
~ Must be drawn in the dark
~Traditional or Digital
~ Go wild with Fun
~ dedication to me is not necessary but (if you want to thank you sooo much )
instead please put my username in the tags so i can check on them hehe..

Le Judgement:
this is in complete darkness and you are not use your eyes, i am not picking winners by looks
my friend from school are excited to see what you will come up with
so in her honor im letting a couple of my friends decide

Le Prizes:
i have just sent the prizes from my last challenge
and i liked how it went so i am offering the same result
so if you make it in the top 3 Hopefully more people will enter with this one
your prizes will be between you and me ^~^

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